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Trying to figure out what all this awesomeness is going to cost? Because you’ve come to the right place! First, you do not have to become a member to participate in any activities here at Track 21. Membership is reserved for those guests who truly feel like this is a place where they love the activities and are then looking for an even more in depth way to save money as well as access private events. In the table below you will find a fairly definitive list of the activities at Track 21 and their respective costs. Below that are our specials and pricing that are available to everyone.  We also offer larger group pricing on both our kid’s parties page as pricing for our amazing corporate team outings on our company events page. 

Indoor Karting

Looking for a deal with a little bit of everything? Then the Triple Play Package is for you! Each guests receives

  1. A full 10 minute race on on either our Formula One, Indy or Texas Super Speedway track for 1 adult. Kids only pay $25 for the triple play. 
  2. One Mission in our Area 21 Laser Tag arena; a 8,000 sq ft, 2 story, 45 player arena. Launching every 20 minutes
  3. 1 Round through our Cosmic Welcome to the Jungle Mini Golf course. Under black light you’ll navigate past Lions, Gorillas and Giraffes! Oh My!! 
  4. 1 headsock, required for racing
  5. 1 Small fountain beverage w/ FREE refills!

No time like the present to start a good ole family rivalry! Indy Family Package includes: Four races for 4 family members on our Indy Go Kart Racing Track w/ 4 headsocks. Best part is that this deal is available on the weekends!  The Indy track is a modified oval that can let kid’s race their parents on a course they are more comfortable with. Adults beware; aggressive driving of any kind towards kids will result in an automatic ejection. 

The long running promotion continues! We are proud to be able to offer this deal at the same price as we did 6 years ago. This not a members only deal. Non-members can join us and pay $10 per FULL 10 minute race. Even when we have the Texas Super Speedway 1/4 mile track your race is still only $10 do race our high powered go kart!

That’s right. That’s not a typo. On Wednesdays AND Fridays you can sign up and play in any available spot in our Area 21 Combat Arena from open to close. Don’t worry about having a huge wait, this arena will hold up to 45 players at once! Also our Next Generation equipment takes the game to a new level; no more red vs blue, we now have up to 7 teams playing at once! That means a whole new list of games you’ve never experienced! Unplug from the console and play the real Battle Royale! 

This one is too good to be true. Doesn’t it seem like nowhere offers a good discount on the weekends?? How about allowing each person to race 4 times for about 1/3 off the regular price!!! Only $50 for 4 full races! Check it out! 

The more the better! Well. At least 6 is better! Groups that have 6 people (with them at time of purchase) will be able to receive a 15% discount of their total bill (regular prices only, obviously no coupons, or discounts can apply). Also just like the title says, this won’t be a reservation, just a discount. 

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Family Kart Racing
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