Cosmic Golf

explore an uncharted world

the wild
jungle awaits

The cosmic mini golf jungle is no ordinary putt putt experience. From wild life, hidden history, and ancient people, this nine hole mini golf course will challenge both beginners and experienced putt putt players.

Track 21 Mini Golf

Mini GOlf

Houston putt putt just wouldn’t be the same without an immersive course. Pull yourself away to an ancient land of the Temple Guardians. Travel the black lit ruins in the deep jungle surrounded by wild life, and the sounds of mocking moneys to discover the temples treasures. To help you with your exploration of our mini golf experience, we’ve provided a map to help you traverse the ruins terrain.

temple guardians

The Temple Guardians are honorable people. Those with enough skill and courage to surpass the jungle will have the opportunity for reward. The 9th hole of our mini golf course will greet you with this chance. If you make it to the center of the final mini golf challenge, the temple guardians will reward you the gift of the cosmos, and provide you a free laser tag game. Or if you prefer, another round at your new favorite Houston putt putt course.