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events that will be open to members only
everything from leagues to
grand prix and the exclusive
track 21 Enduro race

What does member events mean?

What is the plan?

Our goal is to offer up one to two events per month that range from open laser tag iron man missions, or public grand prix, or any other style of event where you will decide to participate and sign up either individually,  or possibly be required to have a minimum amount of people on a team. By clicking the above button you will register in the event and either show up on the day or show up several times according to the events schedule. 

Make sure you all have a valid email listed in your member profile (which can be updated via the Track 21 App) as that will be the form of communication to announce that registration has begun. Most events will have a min/max amount of guests. That basically means that we have to have at least “this” many number of people in order to have the event as scheduled, or a max number which will signify that registration is closed once that number has been met. .

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Events Explained

Hover over the name of the event you are interested in to find our more information . Remember these are not private events and will not be allowed to become exclusive for one specific group. Our goal is to bring together guests from all over to enjoy Track 21 Houston!

Area 21 Laser Tag


Space Marines

A game format not offered during any public times. Participants are assigned roles from medic to sniper to infantry. Missions can last as long as we want and strategy becomes key.
Rookie Racing School


Rookie Racing School

New instructor, New Format, same great deal! Register your Jr. driver to get an education on racing from one of our Track Pros. a 3-4 week course will result in a more confident driver on the track!


Gun's, Engines N Pizza?

That's right, our multievent will have laser tag running simultaneously while the karting is going through qualifying sessions. TO keep you refuled pizza will also be included with fountain beverages


IronMan Factions

The game of Factions means that when you die in laser tag you are reborn as a member of the team that finished you. Come back and help them fight to victory. Game time extended to require more strategy and entertaining.


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Le Mans Enduro

60 minutes, 5 teams. The clock starts to countdown when the green flag drops and doesn't stop till it hits 0.00. Through several pitstops and extended session times. We can award the winner in the champion podium!