Two Floors, 8,000 sqft

Track 21's state of the art Laser tag arena is fitted over 8,000 square feet and two stories high with obstacles, bases, and power ups throughout the facility. Get lost in this massive scale battle experience!

Up to 45 Players

With the massive arena size, our lasertag facility can hold up to 45 participants fighting it out for supremacy. Our easy to learn system mean anyone can win!

Multiple Missions

Compete in casual matches, or game types and that go beyond free-for-all and death match options with games like Space Marines, Wedlock, and zombies. New missions are added all the time!


All players are expected to follow the requirements, and mission rules before entering the arena.


While there is no age requirement, the only restriction is the players ability to fit in the vest. If the vest is too large, the younger players may not be able to participate. Speak to a laser marshal on options for children who are unable to operate a battlesuit on their own.

The laser marshal on duty will brief all participants. This will include how to play the game, how to operate the battlesuit and gain powerups. The marshal will be on duty at all times during the match, and will penalize any players who break the mission rules.


  • No running, jumping, or climbing.
  •  No physical contact or offensive language.
  • No sitting , kneeling, or lying down (crouching is fine.)
  •  Play fair, play smart, and give it your all!

Mission rules are designed for safety and equal participation among age groups. Be respectful of all participants.


if you choose to accept it.


Face your friends as enemies in an all out war in our free for all laser tag mission. Collect the most points to win! your battle suit will change colors as you get closer to victory. Collect powerups to take an advantage based on your kill streak.

Team Deathmatch

Join your friends in a team death match. Each team will be provided one of multiple team color options and pit against eachother for the most takedowns. The mosre your team takes out in a row, the more powerups you'll unlock. Capture the enemy base for additional points.

Space Marines

Our most advanced game type that requires team work and knowledge of your enemy. Prepare a team, pick a class like gunner or medic and face off in competitive rounds for victory.


Single Mission

$ 7
  • 10 Minute Laser tag Mission
  • 5 Minute Laser tag Briefing
  • Reserve Online (coming soon)

Unlimited Lasertag

Wednesdays ONLY
$ 20
  • Unlimited laser tag missions
  • Multiple mission types
  • Briefing for each new game mode.
  • Reserve Online (coming soon)