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Area 21 Laser Tag

Enter the arena and experience the Area 21 difference. 8,000 sq ft of close quarters combat, as you battle up to 44 other players for dominance.  10+ different mission types means no more boring games. Oh and don’t forget, our arena fights back; UFO’s that can wipe out your squad, a hidden alien that can target you if you get to close, and beacons that provide power ups. It’s time to experience the Area 21 Laser Tag upgrade.

Jumping into laser tag action in Houston!

Fact: Kids love area 21 laser tag

Why? Because the difference is immediate.  40 plus person arena means large groups can all play at once! Our ability to have up to 7 teams means forget red vs blue, how about red vs blue vs green vs pink vs yellow.. all at once. With over 10 difference mission types you’ll be challenged with games not available anywhere else! Don’t forget, our arena fights back! Just because your opponent isn’t near, doesn’t mean our hidden alien won’t take you out! The best way to find out the difference? Experience it for yourself! 

challenge yourself

Your suit upgrade is the first thing you’ll notice at Area 21. No more red or blue only; you can now be part of 7 different teams that can play at once! How about a special button that can fire enemy tracking missiles? Check. Lock on tone to confirm your shot? Check.

 These features combined with the immersive arena allow us to create games you won’t experience anywhere else. As the fog rolls in and your eyes adjust to the black light maze you’ll see why Area 21 is a laser tag upgrade!

laser tag walking tunnel





Up to 5 teams play at once. When your last life is gone, your fight isn't over... You will become part of the team that took you out. Your allegiance lies with no one, but the strongest team. Who will dominate?



A small group of "infected" players begins the game. Watch the tables turn quickly as the infected swarm and the resistance dwindles. Take them out before you become part of the walking undead.


Two factions battle throughout the game fighting for the upper hand. But wait.. a third group, just a handful of participants are the Sentinels. Based on scoring, they can only take out one faction at a time while the other is immune to their shots. Sometimes that makes all the difference...