Tired of getting less than 15 laps per race? Looking for a new and unique challenge? Experience Ironman Races at Track 21! 1 driver, Super Speedway track, 18 minutes, nonstop. That’s right, drivers will race for a full 18 minute session, no breaks, no pit stops. Don’t forget, this challenge will happen on our 1/4 mile Super Speedway track. 

How does it work?

A true test to your endurance, the Ironman Race will be a position heat which means whoever gets in front and stays there when the checkered flag drops, will be your winner. This is a members only event, and will run on every Wednesday night starting in Spring of 2023. 

Super Speedway Track

¼ mile long, 19 turns, and includes two long straightaways. The Super Speedway is the ultimate in indoor go karting. Race up to 9 drivers at once as you navigate a road course that has been driven by F1, Indy, NASCAR drivers and many more!


How long is the race?

The race will be a 18 minute total session. The pits will remain open for the duration of the event in case a driver decides to exit early.  

Can I have a partner?

Unfortunately, the design of this event is to push each individual. There will be no partners in the race. If a driver is unable to finish they will be forced to forfeit the event. 

Can anyone participate?

You must be a Track 21 member in order to participate in this event. For this reason, Track 21 officials will be more aggressive with the black flag when it comes to violations. Two black flags will result in ejection from the race. 

Is it time based or lap based?

The race is 20 minutes long (may change at times) and is a position race. This means whoever is in first position when the checkered flag drops is your winner. 

Do I get a refund if I can't continue?

There will be no refunds given for drivers who are unable to continue the race. Also drivers who are ejected for ANY reason will also not receive a refund. Drivers who receive multiple black flag will not be allowed to participate on the next few Ironman Races.