Below are answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions. We know we may be missing some, so if you you don’t find your question with an answer that satisfies you, please reach out to us! We look forward to hearing from you!!

General Questions

HWY 6 N. between Clay & West Little York, just north of I-10. Our exact address is 4815 HWY 6 N, Houston, TX 77084. More information regarding location can be found under the directions tab in our menu. 

The main information we need off of your ID are; Name, picture, and date of birth. Any form of government ID will provide those details. Work ID’s school id’s etc, usually do not. We will accept a school ID with a copy of a birth certificate since date of birth is what is missing from them. 

We SO have something for everyone, here at Track 21! Sure our insanely addictive race karts are quite popular, but if they’re not your cup of tea, how about an 8,000 sq ft 2 story Battle Royale Laser Tag Arena?? OR a Cosmic Jungle themed mini golf course?!! Whatever your interested Track 21 aims to please!

Totally not. Forcing people to become a member just ruins the whole point of membership. If you like Track 21 and find that you would enjoy combing back, memberships make signing up process easier as well as much less expensive as you will have access to many more specials. 

We love groups! 6 or more will receive 15% off our regularly priced attraction rates, and 12 or more guests will receive 25% off. 

You can not combine these promotions with any other promotional pricing.  

It matters to whom you are comparing us too. Most outdoor tracks will not have the level of karts that we have and therefore are unable to provide you with karts that will handle  like a race kart should. We also employ a full time mechanic who certifies that while slight differences in the karts occur (new tires vs broken in tires for example) they all hit a qualifying time to make it to the track. Another huge comparison is our track. We have been told by several karting manufacturers that our track is not only a good size but quite challenging. This allows even our most seasoned racing guests (F1, NASCAR, INDY Cart drivers) to truly compete and watch their own times drop lap by lap. 

The cost really is relative to what day or time you choose to join us, as well as what activity you chose to participate in. Our most popular current special is our Triple Play which give each guests a round of racing, laser tag, and mini golf as well as a fountain drinks with refills included. All this for only $27 per person!

Our main point of the GroupOn is to reach new guests and to have them try each of our activities. Once your 3 month window if over, the value of the GroupOn is always valid, but must be used towards the 2 race, 2 laser tag, 2 mini golf, 2 drink total. We do not extend the amount of time that the GroupOn is valid, as those terms were agreed upon between you all and GroupOn. 

We love GroupOn! We were one of the first companies in Houston that partnered with them and 5 years later we still love our relationship! To make your experience as enjoyable as possible following the instructions on the GroupOn will certainly help. Make sure that everyone who plans to participate is ABLE to participate due to injuries, height requirements, etc. Make sure all waiver information is correctly filled out by the correct individuals, FOR the correct individuals. And before you come call to make sure we don’t have any prior events that may affect your ability to play! Also we do post blackout dates as well as times that GroupOns will not be honored. 

Walk in guests usually do not need to make a reservation. However, please keep in mind that other groups may reserve the facility and we recommend you call ahead to check on availability. Keep in mind we will take reservations up to 24 hours in advance, and even sooner (we are a business) and that if you call a week prior to your visit you may have to work around the private booking. We charge these private groups a higher cost, and that is how we are able to have specials for everyone that run for years and years without adjusting the pricing. 

Our hours will change based on the time of year as well as holiday seasons and can be found at the bottom of every page.  

We accept cash, Visa, American Express, Master Card, Discover, and Traveler Checks. We do not accept personal or company checks.

karting Questions

Yes, Indoor karting has an excellent safety record. We also provide all the safety gear you will need. Each racer will go through a short mandatory safety briefing on the karts and track rules. The briefing will explain the meaning of each flag and how to operate the kart around the track correctly.

Adult Karts: 16+ years. Junior Karts- Youth must be at least 54″ inches tall in order to race in the JR Karts. 

Drivers must wear closed-toed shoes. We offer shoes for any customer to rent. A head sock for sanitary purposes and a helmet are also required, and will be provided to you for use while racing.

 We will accept any government ID such as Drivers License, Passport, State Issued ID cards, Military ID, etc.

It must have your picture, name and birthday. In lieu of these documents, a combination can be brought in; For example, a birth certificate with a school ID that has a picture would work.

We do not believe in limiting our karts. So while many places will tell you how fast their karts CAN go, but almost never will be ALLOWED to go here the answer is:

Junior Karts can get to speeds of 20 mph. Adult karts can reach speeds up to 35-40+ mph.

Each race lasts for a full 10 minutes that will begin once the first driver exits the pits. Each driver is open speed, except for yellow, red or black flag incidents, till the checkered drops. 

By giving you a full 10 minutes, you attempt to complete as many laps as possible. This way we don’t end your race when another driver completes his set of laps. 

No, we supply all the karts and maintain them; This makes it more fun to come in and race without having to do all the work to keep a kart running properly.

 We only provide single seated karts. On the Indy track, the parent may race with their child. If the adult is unable to fit within one of our provided junior karts, the marshal may accommodate the parent with an adult kart instead. Keep in mind, these races are to improve the child’s confidence and lap times. We will not hesitate to remove any adult who is aggressively passing or trash talking their kids or any one else. 

Yes, we provide everything you will need to race. All you need to bring is a pair of closed-toe shoes and healthy  need for speed. 

As long as your helmet is DOT certified and has a shield you can allowed to use it to race on the track. 

No. These karts provide you all with a glimpse of what actual racing is like. Passing must be clean and aggressive driving will not be tolerated. We will apologize now that while we have several marshals watching races they may not allows catch every infraction, however drivers who bump once tend to do it again and this will result in a black flag violation. 
Also I did it because they did it first is not an acceptable excuse.  

laser tag

While there is no required age minimum, we have found that the youngest competitors are ages 6 and up. Some 5 year old children also enjoy the arena, but due to the darkness and the black light effect many do get a little scared. 

Absolutely! Our goal is for our guests to have the most amount of fun. If you feel that joining them in the arena will help that is fine with us. You will not have your own vest, but can follow your child around the arena. Any issues you see please report to the laser tag marshal to resolve. 

Most places have a small room, with barriers that do little more than get in your way. Our arena is over 8,000 sq ft covering 2 stories of mazes. Our 7 ft tall barriers provide actual cover as you maneuver your way through. The reason why adults AND kids love our laser tag though is the fact that you can have up to 7 different teams (fully color changing packs) playing at once. No more red vs blue, but game modes like; Battle Royale, Faction Conquest, Capture the Flag, Dead Eye, and One in the Chamber allow kids to unplug from the console and get some actual interaction with others! 

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