The best way to improve your karting skills.

Every race you’ve completed will add new stats and upgrades to your driver profile. See your evolution as a racer, challenge friends, create teams, compete, or just have fun!

Start a Racing Team

With a custom racing team, you can collaborate with other drivers in special racing events, tournaments, and even join the league.

Monitor your stats in real time

After each race your time each lap, best lap, placement, and total laps are all gathered and stored in the app for review. You can compare this driving information in the evolution charts to see your progress as you continue to race and test yourself and compare to your friends.

Take on the challenge

As you progress your stats, your rank improves as a karting driver and get you invited to special tournaments and events based on your rank putting you against other people in your skill range giving you the best opportunity to reach your driving goals.

Check for reservations

We know the frustration of finding out that an event will prevent you from race day. Now you can directly see which events are locking race time out from the track, as well in the future purchase your own ticket directly from the app and be given your time to arrive and drive. 

Start tracking your progress

Track your progress today by downloading the app before your visit! Choose your download location below, and enjoy the many features of our new Driver App.