Calander Basics

Wanting to check to our availability, You’ve come to the right place! Our online calendar will show you when we have private events that may affect your schedule. 

A Quick Breakdown of the calendar is:

Slots in Green are completely available

Spots in Yellow are partially reserved

And parts in RED are completely booked. 

Formula One - Adult Track, 14 turns F1 style road course. Built for guests who have a firm grasp on driving fundamentals, and are looking to race but also like the idea of a competitive challenging track.

Indy Track - Junior Race track. Modified oval. Short fast track. Perfect for guests who are still fine tuning skills. Small errors won't leave them in the back of the field and out of competition. Instead they will be racing in high speed karts and dealing with up to 5 other racers in constant race traffic situations which allows them to focus on skills such as passing, braking, reducing/avoiding contact etc. Many skills everyday drivers take for granted are still being groomed.

Super Speedway track - 1/4 Mile 20 turn road course. Guest racers from NASCAR to F1 all agree that this is a challenging technical track. It poses a challenge to even veteran drivers as running the track with up to 7 other drivers provides a constant battle and never lets you get bored.

These are the three area you can check for availability as well as book and schedule a private race time or event. Formula One (can also be used for SuperSpeedway reservations) is the large track, Indy is the Jr Track, and Laser Tag is our Area 21 Laser Tag arena. A more detailed explanation of the tracks can be opened by click the Track Descriptions button. 

This calendar is strictly for informational purposes only. In order to reserve your spot you must go to the Online Booking menu option. You must also be a member first. 

Then click this link to take you to the online reservation portal: ONLINE RESERVATION

While the calendar is updated constantly, we always recommend you call before visiting just to confirm nothing has changed last minute. While we try to push our reserved events to be on time and stick to the schedule, sometimes things beyond our control may have an adverse effect on the predicted timeline. We thank you for your understanding!