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Check in discounts are also available: a free drink, free laser tag or mini golf, or 25% off your race! One discount per person per visit. Discounts are subject to change and can’t be combined. 

check in rewards available on facebook check in. Offers avialable at front desk good for one per person per visit.




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  • Must be 16+ with valid drivers license to operate.
  • Our Karts reach upwards of 45 MPH.
  • High quality steel tubing for protecting the kart driver.
  • Honda GX270 go kart engines (270 CC).
  • Ventilated disc rear brake system.
  • Full brake lights on each go kart.
  • IAS Impact Absorption system.
  • Award winning adjustable seating for driving comfort.
  • No age restriction, but must be 52 at least inches tall.
  • Our junior go karts run upwards of 25MPH
  • High quality steel tubing for protecting the go kart and its driver.
  • IAS Impact Absorption system.
  • Go kart helmets for all child sizes.
  • Rear ventilated disc brake systems.
  • Max kart weight: 120
  • Specialized beginner go kart track.


CRG Karts has racing in its DNA. As one of the top manufacturers of karts for professional drivers, once they announced they were also creating a rental kart fleet we knew what our line of race karts would be. After a test drive at COTA in Austin, TX we were sold. Somehow the kart manages to encompass the companies racing pedigree and an awesome array of safety features. The GX270 engine powers the racing chassis around our road course at speeds up to 45 MPH. The race-derived rear and front brake system allow the driver to quickly react and navigate through our turns. While other manufacturers talk about safety, CRG became the first to receive the International CE safety certification which required them to meet a higher standard to safety through a rigorous and documented evaluation process.

Pendulum Impact Test

This particular crash test consists in hitting every side of the kart (right, left, front, rear) four times with a 440lb weight projected at 10 mph for a total of 16 impacts. The test includes a dummy-driver weighing approximately 220 lbs.The test is passed if no component on the kart breaks or tears

Brake System Performance Test 

The test evaluates the temperature range of the disc brake over 50 deceleration stints from 30 mph to 5 mph. To pass, results have to be within the prescribed regulatory range.


A complex road course that forces drivers to adapt, our F1 track is perfect for drivers 16 and up who are ready to experience the thrill of karting.

Perfect for novice drivers looking to experience the thrill of actual racing, our Indy track’s modified oval design pushes young racers to constantly deal with traffic situations, passing and to focus on the basics of racing!


¼ mile long, 19 turns, and includes two long straightaways. The Super Speedway is the ultimate in indoor karting. Race up to 9 drivers at once as you navigate a road course that has been driven by F1, Indy, NASCAR drivers and many more!




Laser tag features a fully functional 2 story combat training arena where players will face off to gain the most points. Fight for power-ups, bonus items, and more through a fully black lit maze to become the best in Houston.


At Track 21, we want the adrenaline to go beyond just our go karting. With laser tag, we can have up to 45 players battling in one of the largest laser tag facilities in Houston.


No more Red vs Blue games.  Track 21 has created various special mission types to challenge both beginners, and veterans. From game modes like Deadeye to Color Conquest experience laser tag for the 21st century!


Don’t forget the arena itself can fight back. Don’t get to comfortable as the alien ships target and wipe out entire teams at once, or the caged alien who can still target you when you least expect it. Don’t worry, scattered throughout the arena are beacons that can offer an extra life or various power ups.


The laser tag arena is a fully fitted 8,000 square foot arena designed to bring excitement to all ages. Whether you are here for a birthday party, or simply looking for things to do in Houston you’re in for a challenge. 

Each floor of the arena offers different amenities such as various base zones where players will defend themselves or capture enemy flags. The bases bonus as a spawn point for power-ups like rapid fire, invincibility, increased health and more based on your game types.

Don’t just stay downstairs, the second floor has more bases and other hidden features to discover. With aliens invading the upstairs, its important to keep your eyes open for a chance to take them down for more points. Don’t let this fool you, as the bottom floor has some of the best cover fire locations in a team laser tag battle. 

Use the grates in the floor, and reflective zones to bounce your lasers with precision and hit enemies from hard to reach places or surprise them from above and below. Lock & load, it’s time to SUIT UP!



Welcome to the Cosmic Jungle!

The date night classic gets an upgrade! Our mini golf course takes you deep in the jungle as you play past Lions, Gorilla’s and Serpents, Oh My! Don’t worry, the final whole provides a true challenge as you attempt to sink a hole in one and receive your reward from the Temple Guardian!

Our mini golf course features a fully lit black lit jungle experience. With 9 holes, it’s a wonderful way to take a break from the intensity of go karting, or playing laser tag. Grab a putter, and a neon colored golf ball and have at it.

Take your time and keep up with your score. Each hole is fitted with a stand for you to stop and mark your points. Don’t forget to pose for a picture with the wildlife and tag #track21!

Track 21 Mini Golf
Track 21 Mini Golf

Decisions are overrated. Why not have it all!

Our triple play package takes all of Track 21 into one package so you can experience Houston go karts at its finest, all 8,000 square feet of lasertag, and the immersive mini-golf forest for one low price.

Triple Play

All attractions for one low price.
$ 27
  • One Lasertag Mission
  • One Race w/ Headsock
  • One Mini Golf Session

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