the king of races returns to track 21 houston


6 Teams, 4 Pit Stops, 60 Minutes, 1 Winner

60@21 Coming this May 2021!

What is an Enduro Race?


The easiest way to explain an Enduro Race is to compare it to a track and field relay-style race. In the beginning, the stop clock is set to 60 minutes (this can be adjusted to a 30, 60, 90, or 120-minute event). Each team will have one driver seated on the grid waiting for the lights to turn green. Once it does, they will begin racing their stint of the race. At a set time, drivers are called in one to two at a time into the pit area. There the kart will be turned off and the team’s next driver will be waiting to take their place. The drivers assist each other in the exchange and once the officials certify all tasks are done the next driver exits the pits and races their leg of the race. The 60-minute clock, however, will not stop counting down for any reason; no pit stops, yellow flags, red flags, or back flags. Once the clock hits 0:00:00 the team with the most laps will be the winner and after taking their victory lap, the winning team will be awarded their trophy. One of the best parts about the Enduro Race is the fact that even when you are not on the track, you’re still involved in the race, and watching your teammates drive keeps you on edge till the end.  We will have limited spots in our first Enduro Race, coming this May 2021, so make sure to be subscribed to our email as the first round of sign-ups will be launched through that!