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HWY 6 N. between Clay & West Little York, just north of I-10. Our exact address is 4815 HWY 6 N, Houston, TX 77084. More information regarding location can be found under the directions tab in our menu.  Click this link to open google maps directions to our facility!

Absolutely! Here is a video walkthrough of how the process works! Our new system will allow you to register through your phone so you can skip the line! Click here to start!

If you are participating in any of the activities at Track 21(Laser tag, Karting, Mini golf) then you will need to be fully registered in our system. If you are an adult bringing a minor then you also need to be registered first in order to register a minor. 

The main information we need off of your ID are; name, picture, and date of birth. Any form of government ID will provide those details. Work ID’s school id’s etc, usually do not. We will accept a school ID with a copy of a birth certificate since date of birth is what is missing from them.

While a reservation is not required for racing or laser tag, you may choose to do so in order to stay on schedule and have a private race for your group. Some basic rules are:

  • Everyone who plans to participate, must be registered
  • Arrive 25-30 min early in order to check in, get your equipment and safety briefing.

Click here for the instructions on how to do that: Online Booking

We SO have something for everyone, here at Track 21! Sure our insanely addictive race karts are quite popular, but if they’re not your cup of tea, how about an 8,000 sq ft 2 story Battle Royale Laser Tag Arena?? OR a Cosmic Jungle themed mini golf course?!! Whatever your interested Track 21 aims to please!

Adults: Any adult (person over 18 years of age) must register themselves.  This means that a spouse can not add their spouse because both individuals need to agree to all terms and conditions. 

Minors: Parents can sign for minors as well as any adult who has been given permission by the parent to be the minor’s Responsible Party. Anyone signing as Responsible Party must be an adult with a valid ID and be fully capable of understanding that they have stated they have received permission from the minors parents to sign a waiver. 

Absolutely not. Forcing people to become a member just ruins the whole point of membership. If you like Track 21 and find that you would enjoy combing back, memberships make signing up process easier as well as much less expensive as you will have access to many more specials. There are also quite a few access benefits for members. 

Due to the rise of several forms of viruses, we have been getting inquiries regarding our cleaning policies. In an effort to be as transparent as possible here they are:

  1. All drivers must use a head sock which is theirs to keep. This is worn under the helmet at all times.
  2. Helmets are sanitized throughout the day, and also at the end of the night with chemicals that kill up to 99% of organisms that would cause most of the current viruses.
  3. Bathrooms are cleaned hourly, and sanitized at the end of the night.
  4. Laser Tag vest and phasers and sanitized with the same spray to kill live viruses.
  5. Door handles, push handles, counters and tables are also sanitized at the end of the night in the same fashion.
  6. Mini golf putter handles are also sanitized with the same cleanign chemicals.

As always, our MSDS binder is available for your review. We will be re enforcing our cleaning practices with our employees to put an emphasis on the basics of hand washing correctly and constant care of our equipment to limit spread of items without correct cleaning procedures.

Regarding the products we use; we do not list their names as we aim to find chemicals that are both safe to use and effective, however due to shortages, brand names may change based on availability.

We love groups! 6 or more will receive 15% off the regular price. Sorry, you are not able to combine specials and or coupons. 

It matters to whom you are comparing us too. Most outdoor tracks will not have the level of karts that we have and therefore are unable to provide you with karts that will handle like a race kart should. We also employ a full time mechanic who certifies that while slight differences in the karts occur (new tires vs broken in tires for example) they all hit a qualifying time to make it to the track. Another huge comparison is our track. We have been told by several karting manufacturers that our track is not only a good size but quite challenging. This allows even our most seasoned racing guests (F1, NASCAR, INDY Cart drivers) to truly compete and watch their own times drop lap by lap.

The cost really is relative to what day or time you choose to join us, as well as what activity you chose to participate in. Our most popular current special is our Triple Play which give each guests a round of racing, laser tag, and mini golf as well as a fountain drinks with refills included. All this for only $27 per person!

Our main point of the GroupOn is to reach new guests and to have them try each of our activities. Once your 3 month window if over, the value of the GroupOn is always valid, but must be used towards the 2 race, 2 laser tag, 2 mini golf, 2 drink total. We do not extend the amount of time that the GroupOn is valid, as those terms were agreed upon between you all and GroupOn.

Walk in guests usually do not need to make a reservation. However, please keep in mind that other groups may reserve the facility and we recommend you call ahead to check on availability. Keep in mind we will take reservations up to 24 hours in advance, and even sooner (we are a business) and that if you call a week prior to your visit you may have to work around the private booking. We charge these private groups a higher cost, and that is how we are able to have specials for everyone that run for years and years without adjusting the pricing.

Our hours will change based on the time of year as well as holiday seasons and can be found by following this link

We accept cash, Visa, American Express, Master Card, Discover, and Apple/Samsung Pay. We do not accept personal or company checks.

Due to COVID-19, Track 21 has implemented several new methods to combat the spread of the virus. We thank you all for your understanding, compliance and patience as we do all we can to not only provide you, our guests, with an entertaining experience, but also a safe one. 

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