Real Fast, Real Fun; Real Teambuilding

Le Mans Enduro

What is an Endurance Race?

Best described as a relay-style race, the endurance event requires groups to work together in order to capture the coveted top podium spot.  After arriving, your guests will be divided into equal teams and taken through an instructional safety briefing. From there the racing action begins, after a short practice session on the track. Each team sends one driver to the track to start the race. The race clock will be set based on the agreed-upon time and once the green flag drops, the clock runs till it hits zero.  One driver from your team will always be on the track, and they will take turns during designated “pit stop” sessions throughout the event. In the end, the team that has accumulated the most laps will be awarded the 1st place spot.

Time Based


  • 30 Min Enduro Starting at $900

    Perfect for small groups of 9 and up. Recommended for Formula 1 track. Perfect for 3-5 teams depending on group size.

  • 60 Min Enduro Starting at $1500

    Perfect for medium to large groups. Any track configuration available. Minimum of 5 teams, max of 8.

  • 90 Min Enduro Starting at $2700

    Tailored for larger groups and requires a minimum of 6 teams. Super Speedway Track configuration recommended.

  • Add On Challenges Call for pricing

    Challenge your team to complete side missions while off the track. Increases team building emphasis.

Let's make this more interesting....

Add-On Challenges

Want your team to focus on non racing team building during the event? Have them work together to complete challenges before driver changes can occur. This takes a lot of the stress off of who is the fastest and creates a more balanced environment where all participants can utilize their skill sets to help the team to victory. 

Soduko Challenge


Problem Solving

Guests will work together to solve a puzzle such as Soduko or other analytical problem. 

Pit Stop

Pit Stop


Work together to change the tires, steering wheel and other parts of a kart. 

Lego Challenge

Lego Charades


One team member will have the instructions and will have to describe the image to their coworkers using non verbal communication. 



Risk Management

Each brick is a lap. Pull out one and we will add one lap to the team total, pull out five and get five extra laps. Knock down the tower and lose all the accumulated laps.