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B.C. Forbes

"A business like an automobile, has to be driven, in order to get results."

What We Do


Small to Large Groups

Whether you have 5 guests or 175, Track 21 can build an event tailored to your needs. We can include catering, private facility rental, awards, multiple activities and more. Full races can be reserved or just spots in various activities.

Suit Pit Stop

Team Building

Here’s a crazy idea; Team Building events that actually work. Let us take your group outside of their comfort zone and push them into an activity that allows each participant to step up with their own strengths. The only thing not allowed is quitting. 


Budget friendly / turnkey events

OUR goal is to partner with our clients to do our part to help you achieve your goals. As you grow, we know happy clients bring in new ones and thus develop a truly symbiotic relationship. Cost is not our number 1 concern, your satisfaction in us is. 

Track 21 Corporate Meeting

Each company is unique, so why shouldn't your events be?

You know your coworkers better than we do. Tell us what you want to accomplish and let us build an event that will fulfill your goals. No more cookie cutter events, instead we will tailor an outing that will not only be entertaining but functional. 

Event Activites

Choose the activities that benefit you. Variety is the spice of life and we want to give you all all the options we can. Start with the basics of what activities you want your group to participate in and we will build from there. 

Indoor Go Karting

Watch your guests faces light up as they race 45 MPH go karts around a F1 style road course track.
From Team Building to Pure Competition see first hand why racing and business go hand in hand.

Laser Tag

8,000 sq ft Arena, 2 Stories, up to 45 players at once. Its time to suit up.
Up to 7 different teams playing at once, and new game formats, This is laser tag 2.0. Your group will work together to accomplish various goals. Best thing about Laser Tag is that it is low cost, and can be booked within a 24 hour period.

Cosmic Mini GOlf

Welcome to the Cosmic Jungle. You've never experienced mini golf like this
Bathed in blacklight, navigate past lions, giraffes and giant serpants?


No risk no reward! Let it ride with blackjack, poker or craps
Ok, so no real money is used, but we provide the tables and dealers, you bring the luck!


While we are confident in our event skills, we know when to bring in the professionals. Utilize your private room to have a meal catered from some of our vendors; Rudy’s BBQ, Carrabas Italian, Fajita Willies, & more. You can always use your own as well, just ask us for the details.  Finish the event off with your groups own private bartender or ask about bringing in your own alcohol. 

Catered DInner

united we stand...


Introducing one of the most effective team building events on the market; 

Le Mans Enduro 2.0

What is it?

Imagine a relay style race at 45 MPH…Groups will be divided into teams and then send their first driver to the track. The clock will show the start time, either 45, 60 or 90 minutes. The race begins when the light turns green and won’t stop till the clock hits zero. Periodically your team will “pit” and driver changes will occur as coworkers switch places in the kart. 

Everyone participates

Don’t think the team mates who aren’t currently racing get a break. In between pitstops, coworkers will band togehter to accomplish side missions that will add laps to the final total. Such activities include:

  • Charade Lego Building – focusing on  non verbal communication
  • Jenga – each block you pull represents a lap added till you decide to stop. Knock down the tower though and you lose all the laps you accumulated. Risk managment…
  • Soduko Puzzle – Anayltical skills
  • Many others to allow all guests to participate 



leaders lead from the front

grand prix

Let us find your true competitive spirit

Who will be the one standing on the podium

What is it?

The racing format we are all used to;
Practice, Qualifiers, Semi-finals, and of course the Grand Prix Finale. Sometimes your team needs unity. Many companies focus a large amount of their budget on working together to a shared goal. This is, of course, an incredibly important goal. Sometimes though, you want your employees to have that edge. The hunger to win. The desire to achieve individual excellence. Racing was created as a way to accomplish this goal. Experience the feeling of competition that can only come behind the wheel, when the engines rumble and the light turns green. 

strong individuals build stonger teams

  • Everyone receives a practice session. Untimed and unscored, strictly to get a feel for the track. Learn the lines, acclimate yourself to the kart.
  • Qualifiers follow to streamline the field and move towards the main event
  • Larger groups require a semi-final round. You’ll be surprised to see how much faster you can be when the people you are competing against are fractions of a second of your time.
  • The Dance. The Show. The Grand Prix Finale. It goes by many names, but in the end it allows one individual to stand atop the podium and bask in the glory. 

You're the boss

track rental

All work and no play…

Rent & Reserve the track 

on an hourly basis

What is it?

Sometimes you have to learn when to take your foot of the gas and cruise. Welcome to our track rental option. Based on the number of guests, your group will have a set time to decide how many times they decide to race. Some individuals will never leave the track, while others will take the spectator route and watch their coworkers battle it out for the first place. Want to put a specific set of individuals together? We can do that! Want to have 3 finals? We can do that? You set the parameters and will follow your design.  

Everyone participates

  • Customizable races based on your goals
  • Best way to know exactly when your event will end
  • Great for an ice-breaking type event where you may not know everyone and their attitude regarding the event
  • We can still have a main final or let people race as they arrive and then leave before the event
  • Used by large and small groups to not keep such a strict schedule