Safety is
priority #1

From waiver requirements to cleaning procedures, nothing is more important.

Through the years, we have always stood by our belief that nothing is more important than safety. From our policies instructed to our employees to our attention to detail regarding the quality of our karts, we never want anyone to feel unsafe while at our facility. 
We have always had a strict cleaning policy in place and would like to share our practices to alleviate any concerns guests may have. 


Defeat Covid!

Cleaning Procedures

Restroom Cleaning Policy
- Restrooms are checked on an hourly basis

- Handles, faucets and other surfaces are sprayed and wiped with a disinfectant

-Hand dryers and no touch faucets help limit the amount of surfaces people have to touch

Nightly deep cleaning performed

Restroom Cleaning

Bathrooms are checked and cleaned hourly and at the end of the night

-Vests are all plastic/nylon material making it easier to clean

-Phasers & Vests are sprayed throughout the day to disinfect

-Both are heavily sprayed with an evaporating disinfectant nightly that kills 99% of live organisms

Laser Tag

All areas where guests share space and equipment is cleaned

- Helmets are disinfected throughout the day

- Exclusive Helmet Drying system combined with mandatory headsocks limits areas where guests share

-Steering wheels, neck braces, etc also disinfected nightly

Go Kart

Helmets, karts, other safety gear, all gets the same cleaning treatment

- Tables are nonporous and vinyl tablecloths are included for 1 time use

- Hand sanitizer located inside of each room

-In between parties, room is heavily disenfected with a evaporating spray which kills 99% of all live organisms

end of day cleaning includes mopping, spraying, etc.

Party Room Cleaning

From the walls to the floor everything gets cleaned

What products do you use?

We always stick with the name brand items, however, with the shortage of stock on everything from Windex to Clorox wipes, we make sure that any replacement we utilize has the same cleaning ingredients and is just as effective. We do have a MSDS binder for review upon request, as well.  Your ID may be asked in exchange for use of the binder. 

From our family to yours...

While we can not eliminate the chance of illness, we do feel that with aggressive and diligent cleaning practices we can limit the risk involved. We know, as parents ourselves, that kids need an outlet to release their energy as do parents and all adults! As a proud member of the Houston community (since 2004) we stand Houston Strong with you all and will overcome this as we have so many other events. Please reach out to us if your group has been unable to hold events at other locations due to cancellations and we will definitely help you all work something out.