What is Track 21?

“My family of 5 had a BLAST at Track 21! We were pleasantly surprised by the improvements made to the expanded track are as well as the addition of the [Black-light] putt-putt course.”

- Kammie B, Cypress, TX-


Your heart is pounding as you don your helmet and step onto the cement track lined with tires, treads, and the sweat of racers past. Your knees are shaking in anticipation as you lower yourself into the numbered cart and watch the colored flags dance around in the still air. The lights count down from red to green, your fingers curl over the steering wheel, and you mutter some inspirational words under your breath… It’s go time.

Track racing is one of the most unique and rapidly evolving sports in the country. Our fascination with indoor track racing all started in Southern California in 1956. Art Ingels created the first prototype of the karts we currently use around the world today. Though it’s extremely popular in Europe, go karting is a trend that won’t be going away here any time soon. Social media, community support, and indoor karting tracks, like Track 21, are keeping the spirit of racing alive all across the United States.


What we aim to do is bring the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of a fast and powerful go kart to everyone that walks through our doors, whether they be a child or adult. With two separate tracks designed specifically for their designated age groups, Track 21 has set out to make karting available to individuals as short as 52” and as old as karting itself. Our laser tag and indoor miniature golf arena were a brainchild produced to keep families happy and together, rather than watching from the sidelines as they cheer on Dad going 45 miles per hour on the Formula One Track or greet Junior coming off of his ten minute race on the Indy track. The laser tag arena alone can hold up to 45 players per fifteen heart racing minutes of non-stop gameplay. Miniature golf offers a more leisurely experience, allowing players to play at their own pace and all together.


Our goal as a privately owned, family oriented company is to keep families, friends, and coworkers together and having fun, while keeping that spark of ferocity and competition alive.

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